Turn It UP!




Wednesday, July 31, 2019 BIG DADDY TRIO


Sunday, September 1 ASHMORE
Monday, September 2 LOGAN GRAY
Tuesday, September 3 BUBBA WESTLY
Wednesday, September 4 JOHNNY COOPER
Thursday, September 5 JOSEPH VEAZIE TRIO
Friday, September 6 CHERRY
Saturday, September 7 MULLET BOYZ
Sunday, September 8 MIKE & RICK
Monday, September 9 WAYLON PIERCE
Tuesday, September 10 SKYLAR PAYNE
Wednesday, September 11 DANNI & KRIS
Thursday, September 12 BRANDON STEADMAN
Friday, September 13 ELECTRIC CIRCUS
Saturday, September 14 THE AFTER PARTY
Sunday, September 15 BENTON LAWSON
Monday, September 16 JUSTIN ROSS
Tuesday, September 17 JESSE JENNINGS
Wednesday, September 18 RANSOM ROADS
Thursday, September 19 CHANT DUPLANTIER
Friday, September 20 METAL SHOP
Saturday, September 21 INCOGNITO
Sunday, September 22 MISSI ST. THOMAS
Monday, September 23 ROBERT REDWINE
Tuesday, September 24 MANNY TREVIN
Wednesday, September 25 HANNAH OWENS
Thursday, September 26 TBD
Friday, September 27 THE JAM WOWS
Saturday, September 28 BIG DADDY
Sunday, September 29 COWBOYS VS SAINTS
Monday, September 30 BIG DADDY TRIO