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Turn It UP!




Tuesday, October 1 Rachel Stacy
Wednesday, October 2 Leighton Fields
Thursday, October 3 Danni & Kris
Friday, October 4 Party Machine
Saturday, October 5 Ashmore
Sunday, October 6 Reid Farris
Monday, October 7 Kris Newman
Tuesday, October 8 Shane Watson
Wednesday, October 9 Jason Ashley
Thursday, October 10 Station 9D
Friday, October 11 Good Question
Saturday, October 12 The Juke BoxHeroes
Sunday, October 13 Big Mike
Monday, October 14 Jackie Darlene
Tuesday, October 15 Gary Kyle
Wednesday, October 16 Joe Rose
Thursday, October 17 Chris Watson
Friday, October 18 Extended PLAY
Saturday, October 19 Vegas Stars
Sunday, October 20 COWBOYS VS EAGLES
Monday, October 21 Tristan Inman
Tuesday, October 22 Nikki & Ryan
Wednesday, October 23 Big Daddy Trio
Thursday, October 24 Clay Shelburn
Friday, October 25 Mullet Boyz
Saturday, October 26 LIVE 5
Sunday, October 27 Matthew McDaniel
Monday, October 28 TJ Broscoff
Tuesday, October 29 Josh Ingram
Wednesday, October 30 Brandon Steadman
Thursday, October 31 CHERRY


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